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As the top bankruptcy lawyer in Mesa AZ, we can help with most Chapter 11 bankruptcy representation to businesses, corporations, and high net worth individuals in Mesa and surrounding areas of Arizona. We are experienced at guiding clients through the complicated legal process Chapter 11 involves.

If you or your business is threatened by financial difficulties, an experienced Phoenix business bankruptcy attorney can help identify debt relief options. In some cases, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy can provide the opportunity for businesses, or in some cases, high net worth individuals need to reorganize and restructure to become solvent again.

Chapter 11 for Businesses and Corporations

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be an effective way to address complicated debt issues and allow a business to remain in operation at the same time. This structured process can give a business the possibility of earning a profit even while undergoing debt relief. While Chapter 11 bankruptcies are more involved and costly to complete than other forms of bankruptcy, they do offer the opportunity to:

  • Reorganize during an extended period of time
  • Renegotiate debt with creditors
  • Release obligation from burdensome leases and contracts
  • Modify secured loans

Chapter 11 for Individuals

For some individuals with debt issues that involve larger sums and more complicated financial structures, Chapter 11 can distance creditors and create the time needed to form a post-bankruptcy profitability plan. New sources of revenue or income and methods to cut expenses serve as a guide for the Chapter 11 strategy that involves personal finances.

We are Mesa bankruptcy lawyers AZ that are dedicated to providing bankruptcy and debt relief representation, we are skilled at handling federal bankruptcy law and have had many court decisions published. Our legal guidance enables businesses and individuals to get a fresh start. We understand how important the decision to pursue bankruptcy is for a client and always take the time to identify sound legal options.

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We are pleased to inform you that we have been designated by federal law as a debt relief agency. We help people and businesses file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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