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Be forgiven of your credit card debt, medical bills, and other debt in as little as 90 days. We are a debt relief law firm and we help people like you get legal protection from crushing debt. Protect your family and set yourself up for a better, more prosperous future today.
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We Make Debt Relief Fast, Affordable and Stress-Free

Protection from creditors is your legal right. Our specialty is streamlining the process of debt protection for our clients. We make filing for bankruptcy in Arizona fast and affordable, regardless if you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or require a different type of bankruptcy proceeding.

Our Arizona bankruptcy lawyers and paralegals have years of experience and know exactly how to help you. When you work with us, you can be sure that you’ll be getting not only the best legal advice but a team to walk with you every step of the way from petition to discharge.

No case is too unusual or complicated. We’ve seen it all and we are here to help. Our Bankruptcy Lawyers are here to help you!

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Debt Relief Doesn't Need To Be Difficult

Our Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyers are both skillful and compassionate. Together with our staff, we help you move quickly and easily through the stressful process of consolidation or restructuring of debt. We understand the challenges and so we’ve developed a simple process for streamlining your bankruptcy filing, all the way from our first meeting to your final discharge.

Experienced paralegals will walk you through this process, answering all your questions and helping complete documentation. We also utilize video chat and other technologies to save you time and money.

Often the stress of debt and bankruptcy can lead to a divorce or other family law-related issues. If you need an Arizona divorce lawyer or just have questions regarding family law in Arizona we can help.

Top Bankruptcy Lawyers

Our Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyers

Transparent, affordable legal fees

We understand that you want to know every step in the process of your bankruptcy. As a client our team will provide you with a portal to your bankruptcy, providing the transparency you want. Also, we know the stress that can be lifted via bankruptcy, so our fees are affordable for all to participate in.

We are with you through the entire process

Having a team involved in your bankruptcy is critical. You can pick up the phone any time of day and get your questions answered. You are never alone in the bankruptcy process. We are here to provide the resources you need to get your financial life back on track.

Life after bankruptcy

As soon as you are a client your new life begins. We want you to have the joy of life that can be achieved through a fresh start. We can help you take the steps to get all the pieces of your financial life back together.

Do You Qualify for Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy isn’t the right solution for everyone. The determination of whether or not bankruptcy is an appropriate debt relief solution for your will be made based on a number of factors including the type and total level of your debt. Use this form to schedule an appointment with one of our bankruptcy attorneys. The consultation is completely free and there is no obligation.