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On the one hand, bankruptcy can be a significant step towards financial freedom. Plenty of people use bankruptcy to escape the stress that accompanies massive debts.

On the other hand, bankruptcy can be stressful on its own. With plenty of options, numbers, documents, and bankruptcy hearings to catch up with, you may get anxious and decide not to proceed with bankruptcy, especially due to uncertainty and lack of familiarity with the bankruptcy process.

A bankruptcy lawyer can help you with the process. Most importantly, a reliable bankruptcy lawyer in Maricopa County can be a valuable asset by analyzing your financial history and status, keeping you on track, and figuring out ways to help repay your creditors, among other roles.

Below are the various roles assigned to a bankruptcy lawyer by default and the benefits of hiring a professional bankruptcy attorney in Maricopa County.

What is A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Maricopa County?

A bankruptcy lawyer is a lawyer who focuses primarily on assisting court clients through court proceedings to proceed forward with bankruptcy or eliminate or reduce debt. Typically, a bankruptcy lawyer represents individuals or corporations.

Roles of A Bankruptcy Attorney in Maricopa County

Generally, a bankruptcy lawyer is tasked to represent the full interests of their client. What should you expect from a bankruptcy lawyer? Below are the major roles of a bankruptcy lawyer.

  • Professional Responsibilities

A bankruptcy lawyer is a professional by default. Within the lawyers’ code of conduct, every law practitioner has a special duty and responsibility to offer their services to their clients regardless of the client’s identity. Fortunately, such is not exceptional or optional for a bankruptcy attorney.

Therefore, a bankruptcy attorney is responsible for ensuring that the client is treated fairly throughout the entire period of the bankruptcy legal process. A bankruptcy lawyer accepts this oath and abides by it, failure to which leads to losing clients’ cases.

  • Financial Responsibilities

A common characteristic that cuts across all bankruptcy cases is the handling and managing of big numbers in financial statements and documents. A bankruptcy lawyer has a massive responsibility to conduct analysis and evaluation of such financial documentation. The lawyer also assists the client in determining what assets or liabilities the client or organization owns. A bankruptcy lawyer does this at the onset of the process since liquidation may be necessary later on. In addition, the bankruptcy lawyer analyzes the financial statements and draws relevant conclusions about any decisions and debt settlements. In the course of this process, the attorney has to be careful to protect the client’s rights.

  • Providing Legal Counsel

Getting legal service is perhaps the most prevalent reason individuals hire a bankruptcy attorney in Maricopa County. Therefore, the primary role of a bankruptcy lawyer is to advise their client on how to carry themselves best during the whole legal process.

A bankruptcy lawyer is tasked with offering the best legal advice to the client of the case. In addition, the bankruptcy attorney should advise the clients on the possible queries and processes they will encounter before, during, and after the legal process.

Most importantly, a bankruptcy lawyer counsels you on whether filing for bankruptcy is right for you or not. The attorney critically assesses your assets and debts to determine if bankruptcy is the ideal option or if the smarter option is to try and improve the situation from another angle.

If bankruptcy appears to be the most favorable solution for you, the lawyer can help you compare the Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 options. Such is a critical decision involving you and your lawyer examining the composition and size of your debts, assets you can willingly risk in bankruptcy, as well as your debt repayment capabilities, among other factors.

If you file for chapter 7, the lawyer will advise you on the best option to keep the asset you don’t want to lose in paying off debts. Conversely, if you file for chapter 13, the lawyer works with you to determine an appropriate and affordable repayment plan.

In addition, the lawyer can help you consider different bankruptcy aspects, like whether to file as an individual or jointly with your spouse. Therefore, to guarantee maximum outcome from this arrangement, the bankruptcy lawyer needs to possess an in-depth understanding of federal bankruptcy laws.

  • Assist in Filing

Your bankruptcy lawyer will help you gather and prepare the necessary documents during the filing process. The bulk of such paperwork focuses on your assets, debts, expenses, and income. Once the paperwork is filed, and the bankruptcy is in motion, your bankruptcy lawyer will duly guide you to ensure you file any additional paperwork. The lawyer will also help you respond to important deadlines in a timely fashion.

  • The Lawyer will Represent you in Court

Bankruptcy involves lots of court hearings as well as creditor meetings. Your lawyer represents you in these proceedings to pursue your best interests in your absence. As such, it is crucial to hire the best bankruptcy lawyer in Maricopa County with deep-rooted knowledge of local court proceedings.

The bankruptcy attorney should also have a more profound knowledge of the regional bankruptcy trustees. This is because approaches often vary across states.

  • Devotion and Discretion

These often appear as characteristics of a good bankruptcy lawyer. However, in essence, they also appear as important roles of a bankruptcy attorney. 100% of the time require a bankruptcy lawyer to be discretionary with their client’s information.

Discretion is a common responsibility that is highly elemental and which a reliable bankruptcy lawyer must practice. The lawyer should know what actions to implement at a specific time and how much information they can disclose concerning the case. Such a level of confidentiality enhances a client-lawyer relationship, thus preventing information from landing in the wrong hands.

In addition, devotion to clients is not exceptional for a bankruptcy attorney. It is the responsibility and duty of a bankruptcy lawyer to stay devoted to the client’s case. Doing so ensures the court meets the client’s rights fully. One of the fundamental tasks of a bankruptcy lawyer is to ensure the client’s rights are fully protected and respected.

Why You Need the Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Maricopa County

  • They Provide Educated Advice

A good bankruptcy lawyer understands the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Each has its pros and cons, and without the educated counsel of a bankruptcy lawyer, you may choose the wrong option for you. The lawyer will assess your situation and help you determine which of the two is the better option.

  • Legal Background and Understanding of the Process

Chances are you’ve done your homework and landed the best bankruptcy attorney in Maricopa County. A professional attorney has the mandatory educational qualification and training to help you traverse the complicated world of bankruptcy.

In addition, bankruptcy lawyers already understand the legal processes involved, including filing on time, since deadlines are important aspects of bankruptcy dealings. You will save yourself the trouble of researching by hiring a lawyer who knows and understands how the system works.

  • Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney Saves You Money

The majority of people filing for bankruptcy opt to do it themselves since they are broke and may not afford a bankruptcy lawyer. They tend to believe that hiring a lawyer may make their financial situations worse. Unfortunately, this is a misconception since hiring a good bankruptcy lawyer may save you money eventually.

Firstly, hiring a lawyer increases the possibility of the best possible outcome in court since an advocate already knows how to litigate such matters. Moreover, with a bankruptcy lawyer, you will get through the process faster than you would have done alone. You will save on time and money you would have otherwise spent on research that ends up futile.

  • A Lawyer Reduces Chances of Fraud

You would never commit fraud intentionally since you are trying to resolve your debt to avoid jail. Unfortunately, there are so many rules to declaring bankruptcy. It can be easy to make critical errors, despite them being unintentional, which the court translates to fraud.

A reliable bankruptcy lawyer knows what to look for and every rule you need to abide by. The lawyer will ask you pertinent questions to ensure they account for all assets, income sources, or hidden money. Unintentional fraud can cause you lots of trouble, which is why you need a bankruptcy lawyer to minimize the risk and keep you on the safer side.

Most importantly, having a bankruptcy lawyer gives you peace of mind, especially since you are already overwhelmed with your financial woes. Hiring the best bankruptcy attorney helps take the burden off your shoulders. It also helps to hire a reliable attorney who understands your situation and every emotion involved.

Bottom Line

Do you want to file for bankruptcy in Maricopa County? Ensure you invest your time and effort in getting a reliable bankruptcy lawyer with the necessary educational background and experience. A top-notch bankruptcy lawyer will advise you on all the available choices by assessing your financial situation and providing informed advice. Hire the best bankruptcy lawyer in Maricopa County Arizona for long-term peace of mind and financial recovery.

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